If you’re looking to get married outside on your property, Rural Roots Catering can provide all the help you need for the wedding of your dreams. From different tent shape, sizes, and styles we can create the experience you’re hoping for.

Whether it’s a classic look of the graceful high peaked tension tent, the modern ingenuity of the elegantly simple frame tent or the awe-inspiring scale of the 21 st century clear span tent, we have what you are looking for to create a lasting impression.

Marquee Frame Tents – it is said that “simplicity is the height of elegance”. Frame tents hold true to this idea via the use of a rigid aluminum framework in lieu of centre poles. This absence of centre poles maximizes interior space, a key factor when an unobstructed view is essential, or space is at a premium. Options such as ceiling draping can transform this tent style into a luxurious showstopper.

Marquee High Peaked Tension Tents – tension tents are renowned for both their awe-inspiring ceiling heights and incredible resilience to high wind conditions. This tent style features large poles at the mid-point of the structure and is distinctive in appearance due to the towering, graceful peaks that form the roof of the structure. Decorative elements such as centre pole draping and chandeliers provide additional upscale elegance to this crowd-pleasing tent style.

Tent Accessories – tents lit by globe lights, chandeliers or twinkle lights, full ceiling draping, pole draping and French doors add to the décor of the interior of the tent. Flooring for tents comes in either wood or carpeting, and variable height floor systems are available. Frame or tension tents can be set up with side walls in white, clear, mesh or windowed. Forced air heaters, cooling units and ceiling fans are available as needed.

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